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Zen and the art of the 136 kHz QSO. TVTR2 is now in WSPR Rx
and Tx service. The first station to hear my transmission was W1VD,
(about 100 miles away - on the other side of the Green Mountains)
grid square FN31lv, at -22db, and estimated EIRP was 250mW. Variometer
assembly is now complete, but I am rebuilding the match inductor (from
Dennision's book) to provide a higher front end resolution. I will
tap every coil instead of everyther other coil. SWR is currently 1.19:1
but I'm certain I can get it better. Antenna configuration is still a
28' vertical with a single 500' "hat" extending west. (updated 01JAN2018)

FCC OET Experimental License Appication was completed 12DEC2018 under
File Number 0992-EX-CN-2018, and Confirmation Number EL339359. Award
anticipated sometime during 2019 Q1.

The crazy world of 80 meters:

80 meter madness

What engineers really do:

The RMS trimode for Pactor I-III and ARDOP is available 24/7 on 3592.7 kHz
Please yeild to marine traffic. For a list of other available HF
access points to the CMS - see this list: https://winlink.org/RMSChannels

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